Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OMHC)


     We designed our OMHC services to offer care for diverse mental health needs. We focus on promoting mental health wellness and functioning in children, youth, adults, and families. In addition, our services are tools used to effectively decrease the prevalence and incidence of mental illness, emotional disturbance, and social dysfunction. Oasis has a multi-disciplinary team which include psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, Social Workers, Specialized Counselors, marriage and family therapists, Clergies, public health educators and other mental health professionals that personalized assessment, diagnosis and formulates the individual treatment plan in collaboration with clients and family. 

Our clinic offers diagnostic evaluation, psycho-therapy for the client and family, medication services, crisis and emergency psychiatric interventions. Oasis meets all the clients at the point of their health needs while ensuring that the services are easily accessible to all those who need it. Our services to the public are without bias towards race, sex, ethnicity, religion, or sexual preference. We pride ourselves in providing services that are culturally competent. Oasis, when appropriate, works in collaboration with schools, child welfare/foster system, and another child/family is caring agencies. 

                                          Diagnostic Evaluation

At our clinics, we provide diagnostic evaluation appropriate to the symptoms identifiable to our team of clinicians. At the client convenience, we arrange a face-to-face screening, assess the individual’s strengths, functional capacity, and treatment need to determine the client and family Individual care plan. Our counselors empower the clients to achieve their care plan as scheduled. 

Individual and Family Therapy

At our clinics, we combined psychotherapy along with medication management to support clients recovery. Initial therapy sessions occur weekly until patients attain enough progress. Our caring professionals will reduce session frequency based on the observed level of progress. Our therapy sessions focus on a topic like anger and stress management, coping and problem-solving skills, social skills, improved self-esteem and self-control, improved familial relationships, and behavior management.

                            Individual Treatment Plan (ITP)

We set our client ITP to contain: Patient diagnosis, prognoses, needs, strengths, treatment expectations, and responsibilities. The Long term and short-term goals are set in measurable terms and target dates for each goal.  Criteria for successful completion of treatment and reasons for continuing treatment are inclusive. The crisis response plan, baseline, and progress on objectives, continuing evaluation, and treatment are critical ingredients of the plan. 

                              Medication Services

At Oasis, we monitor and educate patients as part of our Medication Services. In addition, Oasis keeps track of each patient’s current medication regiment to ensure the best combination with the least side effects is recommended. If side effects occur, additional consultation is available to patients as needed. 

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Send us a patient referral

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